Mid Cut - ATS Ballistics

Mid Cut



Helmet model ACH mid-cut ATS-AMC-02, is a modern ballistic helmet for law enforcement personnel. Made from high-quality aramid and designed to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.

Through design and special manufacturing process-wide array of fragments, shrapnel, and ammunition protection has been achieved. The helmet shell is made of 100% aramid material, which ensures the helmet lightweight and durability. The helmet provides protection against handgun ammunition as well as against fragments from grenades.

The ATS ballistic helmet, model ACH, meets all the standards of the modern anti-ballistic helmet, intended for the army. The helmets are designed to have very little trauma tested with fragments and gun ammunition. Anti-ballistic properties are constantly tested in laboratories in Europe and United States.

Aramid is flame and heat resistant it will not melt or drip, will not sustain flame, and have low smoke toxicity.

Compatible with communications equipment and many other attachments, this is a choice for many military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.


Non – cancerogenic material, flame, high and low temperature resistant.


Each option is designed to secure the helmet on the wearer’s head. All options allow the movement of the pads for the integration of communication systems with a low-profile headband.


Maintains helmet security in all operations. Non-cancerogenic, high-quality plastic.


MID CUT ATS-AMC-02 helmet has been designed for special units. It is extremely lightweight, with an ultra-low profile of the shell, which ensures the widest viewing angle. In addition, it is fully compatible with a wide range of communication devices, glasses and balaclavas. It is compatible with wide range of gas masks.

Patented design chinstrap that secures the helmet to the wearer’s head with four points of contact to the helmet and direct lines from the helmet to the chin cup.


BOA® Fit System or BOA® enables the user to finely adjust the helmet size and is compatible with communication equipment, gas masks, and many military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The Operation Elite helmet is designed to be lightweight and to provide robust protection with additional configurations available.

The BOA® Fit system allows for precision fit adjustment and immediate release to stay focused, safe, and perform best.