Iotv Vest Generation III - ATS Ballistics

Iotv Vest Generation III



This Vest is a replacement for the older IBA fielded by the United States Army. This vest has seen several revisions over the years based on real-world combat feedback.

It is compatible with the E-SAPI and ESBISide-SAPI plates, as well as with the interceptor body armor`s groin protection. It can be a Full-up system with groin protection, lower back protection, deltoid protection and neck-throat protection.

  • Modular components
  • Increased MOLLE Pouch locations
  • Single-handed emergency egress,quick-release system
  • Reinforces drag handle
  • Full-wrap cummerbund style closure
  • Removable/adjustable side plates
  • Designed to reduce weight from the shoulders and move it to the lower torso
  • 360 Molle webbing for equipment attachment
  • Flame resistant,durable 600 Denier Cordura outer carries
  • Includes a lower back protection designed to defeat fragmentation impacts to the lower back/kindly areas
  • ESAPI plates, as well as on the ESBI Side plates