Fully Covered Vest - ATS Ballistics

Fully Covered Vest



Tactical vest model fully covered by molle platform with throat, neck, biceps, front back side, groin and leg protection… is designed for tactical teams who need high level of protection. Molle platform allows the user to set all the pockets, holsters and accessories.

Possibilities of setting up two ballistic plates on front and back side with dimensions 250×300 mm, two ballistic plates 150x200mm on left and right side and thus in-crease the level of protection.

  • Overt vest
  • Overt Molle verson
  • Adjustable with four velcro straps
  • Flexibile, comfortable and lightweight
  • Removable ballistic panels
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • Vest provide front, back, side neck, groun, biceps and leg protection
  • Available according to all international standards
  • Modular type of vest, optional for removable neck, sholder, groin protection and leg protection
  • Specific (custom made) ballistic protection on request
  • Removable collar fully covered with molle system