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Ballistic Bag



Low profile ballistic briefcase design,designed in two version, 3 piece and 4 piece ballistic protection. Within a matter of seconds, this converage product can provide instant protective coverage against fragmentation and bullets.

Ideally sutied for dignitary protection details, private security and other high teat environments, the ATS-BAG-01/ATS-BAG-02 Ballistic Briefcase goes beyond traditional ballistic blankets by offering instant adaptability

with maximum functionality in one, easy to deploy system. With one move converts from regular brifcase to fold-out ballistic shield.

  • Protection level III A
  • Ballistic Leather or Cordura briefcase
  • Fast unfolding
  • Folded size 35×50 cm (for 4 piece)
  • Unfolded size 50×145 cm